If Content is King, then Convenience is Queen

Nov 30, 2013

Matthew Inman, a well-known satirist who goes by “the Oatmeal,” published one of the most popular and controversial cartoons last year. He looked at all of the different problems that are currently facing content distributors and producers in the digital world, which pretty much means all of the producers and distributors today.

The comic was titled “I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened.” In it, Inman showed how he could go to a number of distributors including iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix with a credit card in an attempt to buy a digital copy for his laptop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for him to do that.

Then he went on to show that he was able to get a pirated copy (which he felt guilty about) available in a few clicks i.e much more conveniently than any legitimate version.

Why and What are People Pirating?

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Data: The Driving Force behind the Modern Education Revolution

Nov 23, 2013

“Education used to be a slice of life, something you did as a child through college” says Sebastian Thrun, the CEO of Udacity, “and then spent the rest of your life working, and then death.” Speaking at VentureBeat’s Data Summit, he went on to confirm my own view that “Everything is about to change. I believe education will become something that fits seamlessly into life, and we will take big clunky things like degrees and college and fit them into a weekend.”
Sebastian Thrun

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Redshift Business Education

Nov 15, 2013

Imagine this: you’ve been hired by an independent pilot to acquire passengers for his plane. You spend a lot of time convincing passengers to get on to the plane and you’re geared up to take flight when you look out the window and notice a hiccup in your plan. Your boss’ plane has broken wings. Uh oh.

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