Jun 9, 2004

Yesterday I was walking along Copacabana and a well-dressed guy approached me and started asking me where I was from. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to speak to someone in English as I’m nowhere near able to hold any type of conversation in Portuguese beyond ‘hello’.

His name is Marcio and he told me that he works for a real estate broker. His job is to meet foreigners at the beach and try to bring them into his boss’s office to sell them apartments! Ha! You really can buy anything on the beach over here, even a house!

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Jun 8, 2004

This place is really quite different to anywhere I’ve been before!

The beaches are a hub of activity, even on a Monday in Winter when most people are at work!

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Jun 7, 2004

Rio de Janeiro! Sounds so exotic!

The taxi ride from the airport brought some balance to my expectations, though.

The international airport, Gallaeo (pronounced Gal-ay-on) is pretty small and low-tech. However, I got through customs fairly quickly and there were plenty of cabs outside.

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